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The Trip’s Auto team understands that in this day and age, holding and maintaining a good credit standing has never been more crucial or imperative. Our goal is to offer information that we have learned in order to educate and guide our clients to reach credit freedom. We understand that each of our client’s requirements and history is unique to them.

Purchasing a vehicle with BAD CREDIT is no problem with our proprietary approval process! Don't let your past credit hold you back - our FRESH START program doesn't weigh heavily on your previous credit; but rather on the value of the vehicle and your credit moving forward. YES! You can qualify for an auto loan even if your credit shows a BANKRUPTCY or CONSUMER PROPOSAL! Discharged or non-discharged, we can help! Get the quality car you deserve and the right financing to start on the path towards credit freedom. Less then perfect or NO CREDIT holding you back? Need quality wheels? Whether you're a student who's just starting out, new to the country or if you've never had credit in the past, we will coach and help you understand how to build and maintain a good credit standing. Has a DIVORCE or SEPARATION impacted your credit? Don't stay stuck because you are on a FIXED Income, Self Employed , Paid in Cash or hard to prove income. You can still own a car and rebuild your credit at the same time! We take the time to understand your needs - we offer an interaction, not a transaction. We are here to learn your story and help you rebuild your credit moving forward one step at a time. We are your financing specialists and friends working to put a smile back on your face We feel that life is like driving a vehicle with a small mirror to look back with the focus on a bright future ahead. Over the last 25 years, Trips Auto has had the honour and privilege to serve Brantford, Woodstock, Cambridge, Port Dover, Simcoe, Paris, Hamilton, Burlington, London, Burford, Kitchener, Ancaster, Grimsby Toronto/ GTA, and surrounding area.

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Transparency is the foundation of our company culture. Our team is dedicated to disclosing the facts in order to provide you with all the information required to make a well informed decision and protect your best interests. 

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Respect is translated through our true selflessness of genuinely doing the right thing for our family of clients. Our morals are demonstrated by respecting ourselves and our team to in turn earn the respect of our clients and business partners. 

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We take a hands-on approach at consistently operating with integrity by meeting & exceeding our commitments to you. We value principles over profit with a long term perspective. Our business was established in 1991 and we love what we do while adapting to changes in the industry with a true desire to learn and educate alike in order to create true leaders into the future. 

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You are not a transaction, together we are starting a relationship. We strive to earn the loyalty of our satisfied clients by inclusion in the process of purchasing or financing a vehicle that suits their needs.


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